Quinchia "Denita" Simmons-Owner

Certified Multi-Generational & Group Travel Specialist

CATP195887 Certified Autism Travel Professional 

Who is Tailor Fit Travel?

I believe in sharing the joys of travel with all. Whether you’re young or old, a seasoned traveler or a newbie, or a family with a special needs child trying to plan a getaway, I will strive to find you the best accommodations, activities and flights for your needs and budget.

One of the areas that I specialize in is booking itineraries for large, multi-generational groups in the Caribbean. There are so many gorgeous resorts in the Caribbean that cater to all ages, and the weather is wonderful for the majority of the year. I also understand that most people find planning large group travel to be very stressful, so I will handle the coordination and communications for all attendees to ensure that everyone will have the absolute best experience possible. No booking is ever too small or too big. Recently, for example, I arranged a destination wedding in Jamaica for more than 50 guests.

I also love booking getaways in the Caribbean because I am very familiar with this area and have specialist certifications for several islands, including:

  • Jamaica
  • Bahamas
  • Aruba

Another area that I proudly specialize in is arranging getaways for families with special needs. I am an Autism Travel Professional who is certified through IBCCES. Booking travel for families with special needs is not just something I dabble in or do for my career. This type of travel is also part of my personal life journey. You see, I have a seven-year-old daughter on the Autism spectrum. So, I truly understand the needs and requirements of traveling with a child who views the world a little differently than others.

If you book your next getaway with me, I promise to treat you in the manner that I, myself, want to be treated. I always take the time to listen carefully to both your spoken and unspoken needs, and then will take the information you share with me to TAILOR a unique adventure personalized to your needs.

So, if you’re ready to book, please contact me. I would love to plan your next great getaway. 

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