Iran Adventure

06/05/2023 through 11/20/2024
06/05/2023 through 11/23/2024
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Iran Adventure

Conservative and unconventional, deeply religious and deeply surprising, Iran doesn’t fit into any easy pigeonhole. Spend two weeks following the ancient Silk Road through this under-touristed country to discover refined Islamic cities, colourful bazaars, ancient ruins, fascinating nomadic cultures and shimmering deserts. Whether you’re relaxing in a teahouse in Tehran, enjoying guided tours of ancient cultural sites, or breaking bread with locals on the harsh Iranian plateau, the warmth and hospitality of the Iranian people is endearing, and the profound beauty of their land is mesmerising.


  • Tehran – Golestan Palace Entrance
  • Tehran – Leader-led walking tour
  • Tehran – Iran National Museum
  • Yazd – Leader-led walking tour
  • Yazd – Fire Temple and Towers of Silence visit
  • Yazd – Amir Chakhmaq Complex
  • Yazd – Kharanaq-Chak-Cahk Excursion
  • Abarkooh – Cypress of Abarkooh
  • Abarkooh – Ice Houses
  • Shiraz – Leader-led walking tour
  • Shiraz – Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque
  • Shiraz – Aramgah-e Shah-e Cheragh
  • Shiraz – Bagh-e Eram Gardens
  • Shiraz – Home cooked meal
  • Persepolis – Entrance and guided tour
  • Izadkhast – Complex including castle and Caravanserai
  • Esfahan – Khaju & Si-o-seh Pol Bridges
  • Esfahan – Sheik Lotfallah Mosque
  • Esfahan – Iman Mosque entrance and guided tour
  • Esfahan – City Tour
  • Esfahan – Ali Qapu Palace
  • Esfahan – Qeysarie Bazaar
  • Esfahan – Manar Jomban (Shaking Minarets)
  • Esfahan – Vank Cathedral
  • Kashan – Meal with local family
  • Kashan -Tabatabaei Historical House
  • Kashan – Bazaar
  • Kashan – Fin Gardens (entrance fee and guide)


  • Discover an Iran beyond the media portrayals of a repressive and dour regime – this is a country full of warm, lively and friendly people.
  • Explore the rich history told in the ancient ruins that lie across the country, many of which sit in remote and isolated landscapes that only add to their magic.
  • Experience the wondrous remains of the ancient capital of Persepolis – the scale and grandeur will leave you in no doubt that this was once the centre of the known world.
  • Immerse yourself in rural nomadic life with a remote homestay with the Qashqai people in Fars Province, enjoying meals, stories and songs.
  • Slip into the heeled-sandals of a Silk Road merchant with an overnight stay in a classic 16th-century caravanserai, located in the vast salt desert of Zein-o-din.


Day 1 Tehran
Day 2 Yazd
Day 3 Yazd
Day 4 Caravanserai Zein-o-din
Day 5 Shiraz
Day 6 Shiraz
Day 7 Persepolis / Fars Province homestay
Day 8 Izadkhast
Day 9 Esfahan
Day 10 Esfahan
Day 11 Esfahan
Day 12 Kashan
Day 13 Tehran
Day 14 Tehran

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